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Our Range of Services

The range of services offered by the firm include the following: -

Feasibility/Viability Studies

We undertake feasibility and viability studies on specific investment proposals in order to examine the spectrum of elements that influence the economic credibility of such proposals. Projects in respect of which our firm carries out feasibility studies and evaluation include: -

i. Real estate projects;
ii. Hotels, cinema houses and tourism centres;
iii. Industrial projects and manufacturing concerns;
iv. Agricultural projects and other agro-allied industrial projects;
v. Establishment of new business ventures.

Estate Agency

Estate agency involves the buying, selling, letting and leasing of interests in landed property on behalf of others. We carry out on behalf of our clients sale/purchase and letting/leasing transactions and ensure prompt and reliably concluded negotiations.

Property Management

Property management entails the control and supervision of interest in the landed property on behalf of clients. It applies to various types of properties. Professional property management involves the following:-

i. Keeping and up-dating of property records, including rendering periodic statement of account to the property owner;
ii. Collection of rents from tenants and prompt payment to the owner;
iii. Dealing with lettings, re-lettings, rent reviews;
iv. Ensuring that necessary legal documents are drawn up;
v. Organising maintenance and improvement schemes for properties, including compiling periodic schedule of dilapidation for remedy;
vi. Ensuring that the property complies with all the statutory requirements;
vii. Supervision of tenants and ensuring compliance with the lease covenants.

Project Management

As project managers, our service involves the following:-

i. Determination of optimum type of development, arranging finance for development and packaging of same in order to attract investors;
ii. Determination of the optimum type of design and material specification in consultation with other professionals and
iii. Overall co-ordination of the activities of all other professionals throughout the construction stage.


Valuation may be made for various purposes namely mortgage, insurance, company account, merger bid etc. and it does not necessarily follow that the same figure will be got if the same property is valued for different purposes. Often, the method of valuation depends on the nature of interest and the purpose for which the valuation is being made. An obvious example is a valuation for mortgage and for insurance. While the former will comprise everything that makes the property, viz: the structure, location prevailing rental figures for similar properties in similar locations, the latter will obviously exclude land as this is an unlikely item to suffer in the event of destruction. This will undoubtedly create a divergence in the two valuation figures notwithstanding the fact that it is the same property that is being valued by the same valuer.

We undertake the valuation of landed properties, items of plant and machinery and other chattels for public and private sectors of the economy for the underlisted purposes:-

i. Sale and purchase
ii. Mortgage
iii. Insurance
iv. Balance sheet
v. Rental
vi. Merger and take over bids
vii. Rating
viii. Redevelopment
ix. Going concern
x. Taxation

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